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Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church

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Year: 2004
Marker Number: 00123
Street: 3202 Trulley St. at Velasco
City: Houston
Zip Code: 77004
Longitude: 95 21.165
Latitude: 29 44.199
Phone: (713) 659-7734
Key Map: 493V
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 Members of Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church have served residents of Houston's Greater Third ward since the late 1900's. Tradition holds that the Rev. Gilbert Green and several area residents organized the church, which first met under a brush arbor at this location. The Rev. Green was the first pastor of what was then known as the Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church. Early pastors encouraged growth in the African American congregation, whose members often had to work in very low-paying jobs. Soon, the congregation turned toward serving the Greater Third Ward. Community programs flourished, particularly under the Rev. Moses Leonard Price, the longest serving pastor for the church, (1938-1984). The Rev. Price was involved in numerous community, social and religious organizations. He focused the members' time and resources especially toward educational programs. Under his pastorate, the church opened a kindergarten, started a scholarship fund and implemented the summer enrichment program to offer tutoring for area students. After building the current sanctuary on the adjacent block in 1958, the church opened an educational building on its former site. Members also run a food panty, offered donations to the needy and developed a program to build affordable homes in the neighborhood. Besides the church's pastors, a number of members have been vital community leaders, several former members have also become pastors of other churches. Today, Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church continues to serve as a spiritual, social, cultural and economic leader in Houston. (2008



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